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4 Ways Health Insurance Plan Keeps You Healthy

You and your family members might be eligible for free medical services, including vaccines, screenings, counseling, and other preventive care to help maintain your health and well-being.

All health insurance plans available in Marketplace and many other programs must offer the preventive services listed below without charging you a coinsurance and copayment. It is true even if you have not met your deductible for the year.

  1. Preventive services for all adults—15 preventive treatments
  2. Preventive services for children—25 preventive treatments
  3. Preventive services for women—22 preventive treatments
  4. Medicare preventive services—23 preventative treatments

Use Other Resources

Learn more about preventive care and where to get assistance when you need it:

  • Explore different health-related topics using internet resources to help you and your family stay healthy.
  • Contact an insurance agent to get personalized preventive services and wellness consultation.
  • Locate preventive services in your area. Look for a dentist, doctor, hospital, community health center, or other health care provider in your community.

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