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5 tips to get ready for 2022 Marketplace Open Enrollment

Here you can sign up for 2022 health insurance beginning November 1, 2021 (with coverage starting January 1, 2022). It’ll be here in less than a month! Soon before 2022, you’ll be able to see a preview of the plans and prices.


5 ways to be ready for Open Enrollment in 2022

  1. Get a short overview of the Marketplace. If you’re new to the Marketplace, our single health coverage overview page will tell you everything you need to know while also providing access to further resources.
  2. Write important dates on your calendar. Learn about the important dates and deadlines, so you’re ready to go on January 1.
  3. Double-check that you have everything you’ll need for the application. You’ll need to submit your application; use this short health care checklist.
  4. Keep up with the most recent healthcare facts. To receive essential health coverage information, sign up for email and text message notifications.
  5. Discover how to choose the best health insurance plan for you. Choosing a healthcare plan can be difficult. Knowing a few things before comparing plans might make things a bit easier.

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