Making New Resolutions for the New Year

Making New Resolutions for the New Year

The year 2020 was indeed one of its kind. So much happened that we could never even think of. The whole world stopped for some time, and we all were restricted to our homes. While spending this time at home with our loved ones, there is a lot we have realized. We all must have counted our blessings when we saw people doing worse. We all counted the house we live in, the family we are with, the food we eat, and the health we have in our blessings. There is nothing more we want. In these challenging and uncertain times, we got a chance to look at things from a different perspective. An entirely different approach to things than before. Now that we are starting a new year, it is essential to look back at all the lessons we learned this year to start it fresh from now onwards. So here are some new promises and resolutions for all of us to make. 

Many of us fought the virus, some lost the battles, and some are lucky enough to be safe from it. What everyone must have realized is the importance of good health. We all get so busy in our daily lives that we don't realize that we need to take care of this body that keeps us going. So many of you must have eaten some good food in the lockdown because this was when you realized how much you missed taking care of yourself. Not just yourself but the loved ones around you. We are nothing without them. It is not just about your physical health but your mental health too. Staying home all day, some might have lost their jobs, or some might be living in toxic households; it is not easy to live in these uncertain and challenging times. It is so important to take care of your mental health. Start practicing self-care. Self-care doesn't have to be something fancy or extravagant. It is as simple as taking a good shower every day or tying your hair correctly, or enjoying the food you are having. It can be doing some fun activities or art, or it can be spending time with your family members or your pets. It is all about addressing your feelings and letting your mind follow the heart when needed. So do not shy away from doing self-care. If you feel that you need some additional professional help, then there is no harm or wrong. You can always reach out to counselors or therapists to help you understand your feelings better. Give time to yourself and love yourself first! 

The world is moving at a faster speed with every passing day. You need to understand you can not do it all at once. You will miss a few things and catch up on some, and that is okay. You have a personal life and professional life. It would be best if you prioritized things and tasks that you have to perform. Try to maintain a balance between these two. Take a break if you need. Prioritize the more important things. 

To conclude, it is essential for you as an individual to realize your worth and capabilities. Make the most out of the skills and abilities you have, as this is the time to live and enjoy the life you have. The times are tough, but there is always hope in life that things will get better. So do not lose that and look at the positive side. This new year, spend some time with your loved ones, remember all the lessons you learned this year and see how you can improve yourself and your surroundings. This new year is like a blank canvas for you to paint. So let's do this! 

Happy new year!