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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damage To My Fence?

home insurance

Home insurance can help cover damage to your fence. The coverage of other structures in home insurance generally covers things like a fence, a shed, or a freestanding garage on your property if they are damaged by a covered hazard, such as a fallen tree.

home insurance


Let’s look at a few different scenarios and how coverage by other structures can help you pay for repairing damage to your fence.

  • Your tree falls on your fence
  • Your neighbor’s tree falls on your fence
  • Storm damages your fence
  • What if your tree falls near you?

Your home insurance will likely help you pay for fence repairs if a healthy tree falls and is damaged. You would probably pay not only to repair or replace the fence but also to remove debris from trees so that you can repair it.


Regardless of who owns the tree, the Insurance Information Institute says: if it lands on your fence, submit the claim to your own insurance company. However, if there is evidence that the tree has been weakened because your neighbor neglected primary care or ignored the disease, your insurance company may try to reimburse your costs to your neighbor’s insurance company. (This can also make the deductible deducted from your insurance check.


Wind damage to a fence or other insured structure on your property is generally covered by home insurance, whether as a result of a tornado or simply a severe storm. Once it is safe to get out, take pictures of your damaged fence, says III. The damage photos can assist an adjuster in the investigation.
You can also consider getting a repair estimate and checking your deductible before making a claim to determine how your deductible will affect the amount of damage. And keep in mind that the coverage of other structures has a limit, which is the maximum that your policy will pay you after a covered loss.
Contact your local representative to help you check your coverage or if you have questions about your policy.

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