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We understand you have concerns about the new Marketplace health insurance. We have received hundreds and thousands of them over the last few months.

Our mission is centered on answering your questions:

  • We launched InsuranceShopping.com to feature the easy-to-read questions and answer format, with web content based on the most frequently asked questions we received from you.
  • We’ve created a new way for you to get your health insurance options and information immediately. Just answer a few quick questions, and we will provide you with content tailored to your situation, a personalized list of insurance options, and a checklist to help you prepare.

Support Is Available

Ask for assistance when you need it. Call us now to get your health insurance concerns answered by a customer support representative, readily available 24/7:

  • +1 855-913-1570 (TTY: 1-800-855-0511)
  • Visit our “Contact Us page” to access all of our support resources in one location.

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