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Make A Splash This Summer With The Preventive Care Services

This summer, use your Marketplace health insurance plan for free preventive care and treatments. These services can help prevent diseases and diagnose illnesses at early stages when treatment works best.

Plan’s covered preventive care services include:

  • Screening tests for things like blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, depression, and tobacco use
  • Routine medical check-ups
  • Vaccinations such as tetanus vaccine and flu shot
  • Patient counseling for tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumptions, and diet

Note: Services are accessible only if provided by the doctor and other specialists in your insurance network.

More Details On Preventive Care

  • Visit your health plan’s website and analyze the list of covered preventive services for children, adults, and women.
  • All Marketplace plans have an Open Enrollment period. If you can’t enroll in this period, you can get health insurance coverage through Insurance Shopping at any time of the year.

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