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Paying a fee for not having health insurance in 2022? You may qualify for an exemption

Most people who do not have health insurance in 2022 must either pay the tax penalty or qualify for a “health insurance exemption.” 

You might be eligible for tax exemption if you’ve had certain life events, such as changes in your income, household size, or insurance coverage, or if you belong to particular groups. If you qualify, you are exempt from paying the fee.

Our new tax exemption tool can help you find the following:

  • Exemptions that you may be eligible for 
  • Specifics that will assist you in deciding whether or not to apply
  • Step-by-step guidelines on how to apply for exemption, including tax forms

Find tax exemptions

While the online tool provides a lot of information, it cannot determine your eligibility for an exemption. It can only give details about different types of tax exemptions and their application procedures. You will claim your exclusions by submitting IRS Form 8965 or other forms when you file your taxes. Learn how to apply for a waiver here.

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