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Quick Tips to “Reconcile” Your Taxes

If you had Marketplace health coverage in 2021, you should have received the 1095-A Form, Marketplace Health Insurance Statement, by now. (If you did not receive the form online or via mail, contact your health insurance company).

How to Fill Out Form 1095-A

  • You’ll use your form to “reconcile” your premium tax obligation credit if it’s accurate. Contact your health insurer if there are any errors. We’ll send you a new updated form with the latest information. You should not file your federal tax until you receive it.
  • To “reconcile,” compare the amount of premium tax cost you used in advance during 2021 to the amount of premium tax cost you qualify for based on your annual income. Any discrepancy will have an impact on your reimbursement or the amount of taxes you owe.
  • Get a roadmap to “reconcile” your premium tax obligation credit.

What if you didn’t have Marketplace coverage in 2021?

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