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Report Life Changes Year-Round

If you have Marketplace coverage and your income or household situation changes, you should update your enrollment form as soon as possible. These life changes might have an impact on the savings and coverage you are eligible for.

Which changes should be reported?

  • Specific changes to your yearly projected income, household size, and status (such as impairment or tax filing status) may entitle you to a Special Enrollment Period, thus allowing you to change plans outside the annual Open Enrollment Period.
  • Changes may impact the coverage and saving options you qualify for, so it’s critical to report them as soon as possible.
  • If you fail to report changes, you risk receiving incorrect savings and owing money when filing your next tax return.

How to report life changes

  • Report these changes to your insurance company by updating your enrollment application.
  • Your application can be updated online, by phone, or in-person — but not by mail.
  • Following completion, you might be asked to send documents to verify your life changes.

Get more information about reporting household and income changes after you are enrolled.

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