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Stay Healthy This Flu Season with Free Preventive Services from Marketplace

The flu season has arrived, and the best way to protect yourself and your family from this potentially fatal disease is to get vaccinated. If you have a Marketplace health plan, you and your family members can get free influenza shots from a doctor or other supplier in your plan’s network.

The flu vaccine isn’t the only preventive care service provided by Marketplace plans. All health plans bought through the Marketplace program cover a range of preventative care treatments without any out-of-pocket expenses when administered by a network supplier– including some routine check-ups, screenings, patient counseling, and well-being services.

Thus, take advantage of free preventive care services available through the Marketplace program. Are you not covered yet? You can sign up for a 2022 health plan starting November 1 via Insurance Shopping

Visit our website and learn more about preventive care services and flu shots. 

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