When Does Access to Your Parent’s Health Insurance End?

parent's health insurance plan

Does your parents’ health insurance cover you? Are you concerned about the age at which you will lose your parents’ health coverage? Thanks to the landmark Obama healthcare law known as the Affordable Care Act, young adults can now remain on their parent’s health insurance policy until they reach the age of 26.  Before Obamacare […]

What is a Catastrophic Health Insurance Coverage?

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Catastrophic health insurance has low monthly premiums and very high annual deductibles. These plans offer an immediate health insurance option to individuals who need coverage in worst-case scenarios. With catastrophic coverage, you will be responsible for paying all the medical care expenses out of pocket. However, you will receive some protection if you experience a […]

Can People with Felony Convictions Obtain Marketplace Health Insurance?

Obamacare health insurance

Yes, individuals with felony convictions can obtain health insurance through the ACA’s Marketplace. And thanks to the Obamacare law, people with felony convictions can now apply for Medicaid upon their release from prison.   As prisoners do not have access to Marketplace insurance while incarcerated, they receive medical coverage through the criminal justice system. The majority […]

How to Obtain Health Insurance After Having or Adopting a Child

Health coverage after a qualifying life event

If you have recently welcomed a new baby or adopted a child, your next step should be to obtain health insurance for them. Fortunately, the birth or adoption of a baby is considered a qualifying life event that makes you eligible for the Special Enrollment Period. So if you miss the annual enrollment deadline, you […]

Should I Get Health Insurance Through a Broker?

Health insurance purchased through broker

Wondering if you need to get Marketplace coverage through the health insurance broker? In a nutshell, it’s a matter of personal preference.  You don’t need to use a health insurance broker to get an Obamacare plan through the Affordable Care Act’s Marketplace. Individuals can shop for health insurance independently through the Marketplace without the assistance […]

The Different Types of Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance coverage plans

All health coverage plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) are major medical health insurance plans. You must enroll in these health insurance programs because it protects you from tax penalties if you are uninsured or ineligible to sign up during the open enrollment period. Here are a few examples […]