How Much Do Obamacare Premiums Cost?

Interested in the Obamacare health plan but concerned about the cost of the premiums? Here’s some good news. Obamacare, a colloquial term for ACA-complaint plans available through the Marketplace, is very affordable because of the additional premium tax subsidies. Nearly 96 percent of the individuals who registered through InsuranceShopping during the 2021 Open Enrollment get […]

What Type of Obamacare Subsidies is Best?

Affordable Care Act plans

One of the significant contributions of the Affordable Care Act was the introduction of Obamacare subsidies to health plans purchased through the Marketplace. The Marketplace is the federal government platform that offers health insurance. And these subsidies will reduce the costs of insurance premiums for ACA-complaint programs bought there. These improvements make Marketplace health plans […]

How Much Does Health Insurance Coverage Cost Per Month?

Health insurance costs

Most of us have a budget, whether we are in charge of a household or single, and are only responsible for ourselves. Furthermore, we put ourselves in charge of paying monthly expenses, including groceries, utilities, car expenses, rent, credit card bills, and more. While some of these financial obligations are easy to calculate, the cost […]

Affordable Care Act Pros and Cons

Obamacare and health plans

The Affordable Care Act The ACA (Affordable Care Act), also known as the Obamacare health plan, was signed into law in 2010. The ACA was designed to protect consumers from insurance company tactics that could increase patient costs or limit buyers’ access to healthcare services. Millions of citizens have benefited by obtaining health insurance through the […]

What is Short Term Health Insurance Plan?

Health coverage plans

Short-term health insurance is a type of program that can provide you with temporary coverage when you are between insurance plans, outside of enrollment windows, and need some coverage in an emergency situation. However, to get the maximum advantage of short-term health insurance, you need to know how it works, how much it costs, and […]

Cheapest Health Insurance in Mississippi

Cheapest Health Insurance in Mississippi

Health insurance providers are widespread across all the 50 states of the US. However, some popular states with a huge population enjoy the benefit of having more providers, resulting in low costs due to competition. In contrast, minor states are hit the worst because many insurance providers don’t consider extending their services in those states. With […]

Different Ways to Buy Health Insurance on Your Own

affordable health coverage plans

How to Buy Affordable Health Insurance on Your Own? You’re not alone if you need to buy an affordable health insurance plan. For the third consecutive year, the number of uninsured individuals in the United States doubled in 2019, increasing by more than one million from 2018. We’ll go over each health plan option so […]

How Much is Health Insurance?

How Much is Health Insurance

The US spends a lot on healthcare costs. In fact, healthcare costs are the highest in the US. This gets many people to start worrying about their bills. Are you also someone who no longer has coverage under their parent’s health plan? Or have you graduated from college and are looking to start a new […]

Everything You Need to Know About Obamacare Premium Subsidy

ACA Health insurance and premium subsidy

Middle- and low-income families are often concerned about their ability to afford health insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare provides a premium subsidy to qualifying families and individuals to help make health insurance more affordable. What is Obamacare Premium Tax Credits? Obamacare or ACA subsidies are premium tax credits available to citizens […]