Can You Get Health Insurance if You Have Cancer?

health insurance with preexisting conditions

Do you have cancer and want to know if you can obtain health insurance with this pre-existing condition? The answer is yes. Cancer coverage does exist, and it’s an important example of how the Affordable Care Act expands health insurance coverage.  The Affordable Care Act and Cancer Plans that follow the Affordable Care Act’s guidelines […]

3 Crucial Things to Consider When Selecting a Health Insurance Plan

Things to know when selecting health insurance

Many decisions in your life need a lot of research and consultations with your friends and family members, and selecting the best health insurance plan is one such crucial decision. If you are not offered health insurance through your employer or work for yourself, you’ll need to find out what health services are available on […]

Can I Buy a Health Insurance Plan that is not Obamacare?

Health insurance plans

Do you want to know if you can get health insurance that isn’t part of Obamacare? Yes, it’s possible. But it’s not as easy as you believe. There are very few non-Obamacare health plans available through the Marketplace health insurance. These plans are offered throughout the year. That means you can purchase them even if […]

Is It Cheaper to Get Health Insurance Through an Agent? 

Health insurance plans

While searching for Marketplace plans, you may often wonder if it’s cheaper to get health insurance coverage through an agent. Here’s what you should know.  Purchasing health insurance through an agent is not cheaper than shopping the ACA’s Marketplace and comparing prices on your own.  The difference between brokers and agents First, it’s crucial to […]

Affordable Health Insurance Michigan

health insurance michigan

In this article, you will learn How to get affordable health insurance in Michigan? What is the process to get Obamacare in Michigan? How do I get short-term health insurance in Michigan? 1. Where can I find low-cost health insurance in Michigan? In 2022, ten Michigan carriers will offer Marketplace plans. Premium rates are somewhat […]

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance

Frequently asked questions about health insurance

Health insurance plans come in a wide range of prices and benefits. Before signing up for a health insurance plan, you should read the plan brochure and the policy to get specific information about the costs, benefits, and how a program works. It’s always an excellent idea to do some research and make informed decisions […]

What is a Short-Term Health Insurance Plan?

Temporary Health insurance plans

Are you looking for affordable health options to supplement your insurance coverage? A short-term health insurance program (also known as a temporary health insurance plan) may be right for you!  Short-term health insurance is a type of health insurance plan that provides coverage to you or your family members for a limited period. These plans […]

11 Best Health Insurance Options for Pregnant Women

Different health insurance options for pregnant females

Whether you are planning children into your future, are pregnant, or have recently given birth, having a health insurance policy is crucial for managing the planned and unexpected medical costs for you and your baby. Pregnancy and newborn care can be expensive. However, health insurance coverage enables you to participate in prenatal and postnatal care, […]

Health Insurance Mandate in the Different States

Different states requirements for health insurance

Does Your State Require You to Have Health Insurance Coverage? As of 2019, the Obamacare insurance mandate, which requires individuals to buy a health insurance policy or pay a tax fee, is no longer in effect at the federal level. Nevertheless, five states and the District of Columbia have individual mandates at the state level.  […]

Obamacare Open Enrollment Period and Important Deadlines

Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period

Obamacare Open Enrollment Period and Qualifying Life Events The new Open Enrollment Period, during which you can begin shopping for newly reformed health insurance plans, will run from November 15, 2022, to December 15, 2022. The federal government mandates insurers to accept applications from qualified individuals seeking a health insurance plan during the Open Enrollment […]