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Urgent: Less than 2 weeks left to get health coverage for 2022

The clock is ticking! Through January 15, 2022, join the millions of Americans who have already applied for and enrolled in a Marketplace health plan for 2022. That’s less than a fortnight!


Don’t let the deadline pass you by — get started right away.

  • Before you apply, look over the 2022 plans and costs based on your income.
  • Are you ready to apply? To begin a new application, choose your state.


Remember that the majority of people who apply will be eligible for financial assistance.


Were you enrolled in 2022 by default?

Here’s what you should do if you were automatically enrolled in a Marketplace health plan for 2022 but didn’t log in to update your information:

  • It’s possible that your savings aren’t accurate.
  • You might have missed out on new plans that are more suitable for you.


Go to HealthCare.gov, log in to your account, update your information, and keep or change your plan by January 15 to obtain the proper amount of savings.

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